About Us

We have been providing wide range of Pre-press services to Authors in Publications

We are a team of editors and typesetters, with varied experience in editing, proofreading, index preparation, report writing as well as typesetting. We have a team of professionally trained personnel with specialized training from NBT and IBP. Our experience has been with some very reputed publishers. With editors with a technological and science background, we are confident of handling scientific and technical data also. Our foray into typesetting began when we, as editors, realised that there is a big dearth of typesetting professionals who could understand the editorial aspects also. No publishing house can deny that quality typesetting is the most crucial input at the pre-press stage. Even an excellent manuscript turns out to be a mediocre book if the typesetting is not good.


Our Expertise

Given the manuscript, we can turn it into the camera-ready-copy with all the intrinsic steps: data entry, editing, proofreading, collating, index preparation-already taken care of by us. In a nutshell, we are capable of offering you the complete pre-press services.


What We Do

Data Entry of the Manuscript
Content Editing
Typesetting (Page-making)
Proof Reading
Technical Editing
Copy - Editing
Index Preparation
Report Writing
Operation Manuals / Servicing Manuals
Cover Designing


  • Engineering/Science
  • Mathematics
  • Life Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Humanities
  • Management
  • Economics pre-press services



Our Range

  • Higher Education
  • Journal & Proceedings
  • Annual Report
  • Brochure
  • School Magazine
  • Academics & Professional
  • Fiction
  • Research & Thesis
  • The Competitive Edge

    We provide you the complete package (or in parts, as you like it). You would appreciate it saves a lot of your precious time when you don’t have to shuttle the manuscript and proofs between editors, proofreaders, indexers and typesetters, and many more hands. Considering the fact that ‘time is money’ in this schedules-and-deadlines-oriented industry, we assure you that your hassles will be reduced to a large extent when most of your pre-press requirements are met at a single station. Our stress is only on quality because it is this aspect which distinguishes a good book from the rest.